A little update on here

Hey, hello! It's been a while (unless you're following the twitter which is... still not updated often enough. Nevermind that--)!

I dont update on here as much... I feel like i never have anything big enough to show.

So,  a little while ago, I came across this, and I'm planning on submitting something to it: https://rpgmaker.net/events/rmrsbirthday2018/ (happy 28th birthday!)

At first, I wanted to create the entire second dungeon, boss battle and all, for this contest,  but with certain things that I suddenly need to work on, I doubt I'll have enough time for something like an entire dungeon.

Thats why, instead, I'll just submit a cutscene! Hopefully.

The cutscene will be what occurs directly after the last scene of the demo. Maybe I can manage that. (though I am planning on completely remaking the cutscene sprites... okay don't hold your breath for this.)

Thanks for reading!

Get Grand Core Release [Demo]

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